Simon’s prostate log

cancer diary

Category: diagnostics

19. Pathology + the gory bits

Jeremy came by this evening with a CD of the stills from the operation. He said that the pathology of the prostate was good except that one part of the tumour was just a mm from the edge. This is too close for comfort but he thinks we got it in time (before it spread). So, as far as I’m concerned that’s good news!
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13. The Ashdown Cycle

The CRP tests have given Martin Ashdown the data to pick up my oscillation. It appears my cycle has a periodicity of about 6 days. I’m not sure how to display the vertical line that occurs at 7.5 days (format incompatibility). This line marks the treatment window. When treatment occurs in this window the immune system is stimulated into action regardless of the type of cancer. Continue reading

5. Clear scan results and CRP

Appointment with urologist today. My scans appear to be clear of any further cancer i.e no metastasis. Continue reading

3. CT and Bone scan

Caught the train into the Mercy hospital for 9:15am. On one side of the corridor there were radiologists analysing images of body parts. Continue reading