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17. 3rd day blues?

Tim rang me this morning at about 6:30am and we talked about slipping boats. I then discovered my bed was a bit a train wreck – a slip way in itself. I don’t know what happened but the nurses are amused and can’t fix it. Continue reading

14. Sister morphine

Here I lie in my hospital bed…rattly voice and a little hazy. It’s morning and painful to move.. Continue reading

12. CRP 6 + medical intuitive

6th and last CRP on Friday. Rang Martin who said they had done the wrong test on one batch (retrievable). Then off to Apollo Bay with a trailer load of bricks, timber and scaffolding pipes. Arrived just in time for the ORCA foreshore gathering. Continue reading

11. CRP 5 + pre-op briefing

Called in to the Mercy yesterday arvo to pay a few bills and attend a pre-op briefing with Priscilla. She was refreshingly forthright. Continue reading

10. CRP 4 + marketing target

The CRP is now routine. Maybe a little early today at about 10:05am.
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9. CRP 3 + intimations…

My arm is starting to ache a little from all this trainspotting. Arrived early, expecting a morning rush but the pathologist was empty.
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8. CRP 2

Hospital has sent me a few other tests associated with pre op radical prostatectomy: FBE (Full blood examination), UTE/creatanine (kidney function), ECG, msu (mid stream urine), crossmatch. Continue reading

7. CRP 1 + my frayed friend

Wandered to the pathologist up the road this morning where, at about 10:15am I was drained of the first of 6 blood samples to test for highly reactive C-Reactive Protein (CRP).
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4. Blood on sheets…

Not to be read if you want to avoid the personal…making love resulted in a show of blood.

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1. Blood in urine – background

The beginning. This evening I began to pee blood in earnest. I was driving back from Avoca and stopped off at Melton for a burger and a wee after a few (light) beers with Lyndal to finish the day.

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