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21. Being home

Tomorrow I may be able to stop being an invalid. But nothing quite like being in your own bed and being looked after. Had to sleep on Susan’s side of the bed (left) due to the catheter on my left leg. This meant that the cat bit her foot in the morning (cat usually bites my foot as a signal to get up). Continue reading

20. Thank you

It’s 6:30am and I’m packed and ready. I’ve been fortunate indeed to have so many good people travelling along with me. So thanks to all of you who have been there, sent texts, made comments, phoned me. It’s been incredibly important to me and probably why I have done so well. All I can say is thank you. Continue reading

13. The Ashdown Cycle

The CRP tests have given Martin Ashdown the data to pick up my oscillation. It appears my cycle has a periodicity of about 6 days. I’m not sure how to display the vertical line that occurs at 7.5 days (format incompatibility). This line marks the treatment window. When treatment occurs in this window the immune system is stimulated into action regardless of the type of cancer. Continue reading

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