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21. Being home

Tomorrow I may be able to stop being an invalid. But nothing quite like being in your own bed and being looked after. Had to sleep on Susan’s side of the bed (left) due to the catheter on my left leg. This meant that the cat bit her foot in the morning (cat usually bites my foot as a signal to get up).

She suggested I put a pillow between my knees (pregnancy trick) and this allowed me to get some sleep on my side. Usually find it hard to sleep on my back. Have got into the habit of taking a picture of the catheter in the morning while I’m still connected. Maybe I’ll sequence these into some kind of montage.

Woke up with more freedom of movement than the day before and had a long shower where I removed the curious skin-like dressings from the cut and the drain hole so that the air could get to them. It felt good to be another step away from the operation. I seem to have come home with an itchy rash on back, probably due to spending so long on my back and sticking to the sheets of the hospital bed. The scrotum elephantitis seems to be shrinking but is still a little uncomfortable. Coughing stills hurts but is getting easier.

Susan and I spent most of the day and evening on the couch glued to ‘The Wire’ (Season 3). In the evening, we walked down to Merri Station (100 metres). On the way I was blessed by one of the Greek women – which was nice. I seem to have lost my taste for coffee and have been drinking tea and cheese on toast.

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  1. Tim

    I am a little worried about people wanting to bless you and you accepting it- You weren’t still wearing your white hospital robe were you? or was the hospital a religious one? May be they got to your subconscious when you were under. Time to get back up on the scaffolding where it is much safer.

  2. Simon

    No robes. There is group of remnant Greek women in our street (all from the same village). Their husbands are dying off and I’m regularly called in to fix leaking taps etc. They don’t have much English and very little money so, the blessing is a probably divine way to keep me on hand.

  3. Lisa Roberts

    ‘Nice to be blessed for what you do.

    It must be good to back in the world you are part of maintaining.

  4. John

    Your technical prowess in the execution of this blog makes the Huffington Post guide seem rather mundane. Great to see (and now hear) that progress is rapid and attitude is as positive as ever. Well done!
    Blessings are good – from Greek women with departed husbands, however, there may be other motives.
    Go well and Happy Christmas to you, Sue and the family!

  5. Amanda Davey

    common you pussy, Ive had the Black and Decker cut my knee off and broke the other arm’s Colles fracture,top it off stepped up onto my porch grabbed tree fell off porch and onto another tree in middle of lawn smashing my L4 in half,screamed the entire street down ,couldve been wheelchair material or better hit my head on the fence, so basically the bloody tree saved my life.So Im glad your better and so am I. Dave

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