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18. 4th day – out tomorrow

Up early to do the catheter wash, shave and shower. The nurse was keen for me to have a Panadol. We agreed that I’d take the Panadol if she removed the drip needle from my arm. No doubt she would have removed it anyway.

the drip shunt

the drip shunt

removing the drip shunt

removing the drip shunt

I’m wondering if I’ll be allowed to go home today. Seems to me that I’m now functioning properly. While so much of this blog has been about blood and urine, by yesterday evening my main concern was the need for a poo. After 3 days I was beginning to feel like I needed one. Sat on the toilet a few times and waited for some form of automatic body process to begin – but nothing happened. I wondered if it would be painful. But about 6:30pm there was movement and relief. No pain at all.

The nurses keep asking me if I’ve passed wind. I interpret that to mean have I farted? There’s something very basic about a place where you can tell someone you’ve had a poo and they are pleased for you. Definitely need to get out of here.

the corridor outside my room

the corridor outside my room

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  1. James

    I think it’d be marvelous to be congratulated on taking a dump, although if you’ve been on the codine I can understand why to a degree. Glad to hear things are coming along well.

    And what is it with green and white and hospitals? Don’t they reckon you feel sick enough?

  2. Jane

    Let’s see a photo of the kimono!~ it sounds pretty special. x J

  3. Lisa Roberts

    ‘Good sign when you feel hospital’s not the place for you…

    I’d don the kimono, get out of the gown…

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