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15. go-between for fluids

Getting a bit queasy, earlier. Priscilla visited and assured me the bladder bloat was normal. She said the fluids would suddenly pass-through more rapidly and that my tummy should start to rumble.

She was right. Daniel decided to wash me and with Mari’s help they got me up and into a chair.

sitting up

sitting up

Susan arrived and read some ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ to me for about an hour – which was nice. Another woman came a took some more blood. Then Vivienne the physiotherapist, got me doing more breathing exercises and tried to get me to cough. I was weak as water. But all the activity got the fluids going and I went from 40ml per hour to 150ml per hour.

the morphine button

the morphine button

Regret that the nausea is making the morphine unattractive. Seems like I’m just a go between for fluids at the moment. They go in through my arm and out through the catheter and blood drain. Nothing to eat or drink. Perhaps that’s what is meant by ‘nil by mouth.’

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  1. Tim

    So much enforced rest- they are keeping you very busy

  2. James

    I’m a go between for fluids most Friday nights 🙂

    In the first photo it looks like you’re being worshiped!

  3. Liz Dovey

    Hope you had a good night

  4. Simon

    Not quite worship. Daniel (the nurse) is adjusting my catheter. Perhaps a good start for a new religion.

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