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12. CRP 6 + medical intuitive

6th and last CRP on Friday. Rang Martin who said they had done the wrong test on one batch (retrievable). Then off to Apollo Bay with a trailer load of bricks, timber and scaffolding pipes. Arrived just in time for the ORCA foreshore gathering.

ORCA foreshore gathering

ORCA foreshore gathering

By the time I’d collected tree guards and posts, dug the holes etc., it took me all day (Saturday) to plant 35 Messmates in order to extend the plantation on the southern slope of the Stanley paddock.

Clambering about the hills and digging was good exercise. Spent the day fatalistically considering that it might be last thing I do down there. However, to me, planting trees seems like a reasonable final action. Sunday was spent putting things in order: cleaning out the gutters on the hut, digging the thistles on the north face, generally tidying up. Resisted a last minute inclination to cut up a load of firewood for winter. Hard to imagine what it will be like not being able to do these kinds of things for 10 weeks.

My daughter Bonnie made an appointment for me to see Inna Segal, a medical intuitive. Her place was in Caulfield. It took me about an hour to get there – but arrived bang on time. It was a fairly new semi-detached house with a notice at the door to take off shoes. In my hurry to leave, I’d not bothered with socks and wondered if she would mind bare feet. I needn’t have worried. The door was opened by a man (perhaps her son) who said I had the time wrong. Although I’m often a day early, this time I was pretty sure I had it right. He then consulted a calendar and discovered a note about the time and that he hadn’t written the appointment down.

He was apologetic and disappeared a few times (to talk to Inna) before giving me a consolation CD called ‘Create Perfect Health’ with a smiling Inna on the front. Not sure what I was expecting. I listened to the CD on the way home. It appeared to be about allowing a divine healing light to cleanse my body or toxins and disease. I tried to go with it and remain open, aware that I might be ill disposed to it all due to the botched appointment. But to properly benefit, I’d have to put my rationality aside. I’m just not the kind of person who can repeat affirmations about divine energy and white light without feeling foolish and slightly futile. Nice of Bonnie to think of me though.

Hoping to hear from Martin today about the CRP data and what it reveals…

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  1. Lisa Roberts

    I love how you connect Land care with Self care.


    I must declare (ha ha)
    I am no chanter of affirmations either.


    I agree it is good to think about each other and about our environment.

    What else is there?

  2. Kate Hodgkinson

    The ostrich says too much information.
    The cat is facinated with the form, the details,the connection, being involved and informed.
    There have been mutterings, asides and jokes
    about such things for ever.
    Some part of me knew your concern
    Was I hoping/wishing it was all wolf talk?
    Reality is very hard to digest.
    Bugger 10 years, we all need you for at least 25 healthy ones.
    Love Hugs and best wishes for 11th

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