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11. CRP 5 + pre-op briefing

Called in to the Mercy yesterday arvo to pay a few bills and attend a pre-op briefing with Priscilla. She was refreshingly forthright.

I started off by telling her that I was scaring myself with the Partin Tables. She re-assured me that they wouldn’t be doing the operation if there was doubt about it’s success.

After filling in one of the usual forms about allergies etc. she then assured me the hospital room would be dingy, small, either overheated, or too cold, the window wouldn’t open, the nurses would be nasty to me, and the food would be awful. Plus it would costs me heaps of money…I liked her.

She produced a couple of catheters, an overnight one and a travelling leg model. Then demonstrated how the tube blew up like a balloon so that it wouldn’t slide out of the bladder. We talked about pelvic floor exercises and she pretty much gave me a blow by blow description of what I could expect when I woke up and each day after.

Seems I’ll be in hospital for 5-6 days and the catheter comes out a week later, 23rd December. I raised the possibility of taking video of the operation. She said I needed to ask the surgeon…

CRP #5 was quick. The Indian pathologist found a different spot on my arm as I’m beginning to look a little punctured and red. She was surprised at me taking a photo.

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  1. Tim

    I’m sure Priscilla is an expert in reverse psychology and everything relating to the hospital except the cost will be excellent

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