The CRP is now routine. Maybe a little early today at about 10:05am.

It seems my condition has prompted the marketeers to action. A letter arrived today from someone called Marshall Tate in Brussels, Belgium addressing me as ‘Dear Friend’ and offering me, ‘a powerful erection guaranteed in 5 minutes and available NON-STOP for 24 HOURS!’

All I need to do is send Au$99.90 for 4 packs of STIFF strips. There was a testimonial from Michael W. “Never have I had such an erection in my whole life…even when I was 20 years old!..” and Rob G. says, ” I became a new man…”.

I also had a phone call from someone in Launceston, Tasmania called Richard Webster who wanted to send me his ‘free report’ on glyconutrients. He said glyconutrients are the hot area of research for university scientists.

I wonder what’s next?

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