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8. CRP 2

Hospital has sent me a few other tests associated with pre op radical prostatectomy: FBE (Full blood examination), UTE/creatanine (kidney function), ECG, msu (mid stream urine), crossmatch.

Seems to me that if I’m having these blood tests then they might as well get the most out of each sample.

The waiting room was full to brimming this time. Mainly older sick looking folk and with walking sticks and resolute expressions. We all held numbers. However, my number was called quite quickly even though they were there before me. When I pulled out my phone to take some photos, the pathologist revealed that she too had been on a cancer journey.

She took about 3 vials of blood for the other tests and we managed to get the CRP done at about 10:20am well aligned with the timing of the first one. I’ll be back tomorrow, Saturday for the next one.

The ECG was in another room. She shaved some spots from my hairy chest and wired me up. But nothing seemed to happen.

on my back for ECG

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  1. Tim

    Great photo’s- keep them coming

  2. Lisa Roberts

    I agree the photos are good because they help me understand your cancer experience. But is that all that is happening? Perhaps it seems like it is. Would it be good, too, to picture yourself in the garden, or cooking in the kitchen with family and friends, or waving from your upstairs balcony?

  3. Jane

    Good to see your face in the photos. I empathise with the difficulties of being seen as a ‘victim’.There were many terrible things about my experience of being stalked for decades, but one of the most unexpected was people’s silences, and seeing their discomfort and then hearing their sympathy. Every meet-up began with their ernest enquiries after me How ARE you? Sometimes us victims just want to be the other 99 per cent of ourselves! The concern of our friends and family, it’s love, but not as we are used to knowing it.

    On another note, tonight I’m off to see my mate Bill, he was my mentor in my first teaching job and we lost touch for 10 years. He’s a fabulous powerhouse nut-job. Like always. But 4 years ago he had a big cancerous tumour removed from his colon, a colonoscopy and a reverese-colonoscopy. Yep, it buggered him up for a while and yet he made some wonderful wild collage PhotoShop works documenting his months on morphene. Now he’s all clear, all energetic and as wild as ever.

    Thinking of you, sending you love, raising a British glass, cheers, xx Jane

  4. Simon

    Dear Jane

    Thanks for this. You’ve nailed that feeling of separation with your understanding of the lack of familiarity we have with how we know ourselves in others (sounds tortuous). You said it much better.

    I’m keen on seeing how others have used this kind of material to make things. Great to have the links to Bill’s morphene. Morphine and I have been acquaintances for many years. It’s my favourite drug but reserved for pain and very special. Looking forward to it. Although, I’ve found that if you ask for it you often don’t get it.

    My brother has suggested I get the surgeon to take pictures. Video would be good – I wonder…

  5. Jane

    In a couple of days I’m socialising with the heart surgeon, Frank, who I regularly accompany in theatre, the guy who I video’d making drawings during surgery using swabs dipped into the heart. My experience is that Frank is one of many surgeons who takes pictures (but really it’s one of the non-surgical crew in theatre you need, cos the camera won’t be sterile so someone outside the ‘scrubbed-in’ zone needs to take the pics). There’ll be plenty of people who’ll probably do it, just ask the surgeon if s/he’ll get one of them to do it!

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