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6. Clogging not clearing the decks

Seems like I’ve been too busy to write much or to even think about what might lie ahead.

Apart from a quick dash to Sydney for my niece Anna’s wedding, exams, assignments, and a November 22nd deadline for a Green Precincts Fund EOI, I’ve set myself some ridiculous goals to achieve before the 11th December: 1. build a shed in Apollo Bay 2. Finish the Eastern Wall in Melbourne. Spent today laying bricks up on top of my 4m trestles. Heading down to Apollo Bay with the shed tomorrow. The ORCA AGM was able to go ahead without me being there.

Concerned about having the time for the CRP blood tests. Will need to ring Dr Blanch tomorrow or go direct to pathology.

Along the way it’s been moving to have received so much good advice and well wishes from friends and relatives.

1. Build up my iron levels. This from James who works for the blood bank. It seems Jehovah’s witnesses (who don’t have transfusions) have quite good operational outcomes because a surgeons are quite careful not to have them need transfusions and b. they have high iron levels. Susan’s been cooking up lots of meaty dishes.

2. Allow plenty of time for recovery. This has been stressed my several people including Charlie who said it took him nearly a year before he was his usual self. Jen’s brother (a farmer) said overdoing it leads to blood in the urine (not good).

3. Take more note of the impact of all this on Susan.

On a more intimate note. No more blood in semen but I have to say my libido has sagged – somewhat. Purely psychological – but nevertheless real. So my chances of making lots of hay while he sun is still shining are diminished. Oh well…

The trouble with surgery is that it is not reversible. I harbour the notion that it might all just go away. I certainly feel as if there is nothing wrong with me. Somehow I expect that notion to reflect the power of my immune system.

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  1. Lisa Roberts

    Dear Simon,

    I realise it’s a cliche, but you’re an inspiration. You always were though. And will always.

    Resting is easier said than done.

    Don’t over do it.

    Eat more meat.

    Look after your loved ones.

    Suddenly all these cliches have new meanings as I read you, and wonder what it’s like for you.



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