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2. Blog and bills

Urine mainly clear with an initial dark bit. Received a bill from TissuePath pathology for $269.50 payable in 30 days. I think I’ll ask for a copy of the report.

Dear James came over yesterday and set me up with some server space and a Theme called DePo Masthead that I’ve been tweaking, but for now, it seems simpler to return to my old friend Hemmingway so that I can get on with this blog.

One of my concerns with all this was that I become a subject of attention and to a certain extent the ‘victim’. But it’s moving to receive kind words from friends and even acquaintances. So much to write, but I need to get on with the day. John, Ian and I are going to bottle our beer today.

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  1. James Farmer

    Why am I not shocked that we’re back with Hemingway 🙂

    Happy beer bottling!

  2. RYErnest

    Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

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