Simon’s prostate log

cancer diary

Month: November 2008

9. CRP 3 + intimations…

My arm is starting to ache a little from all this trainspotting. Arrived early, expecting a morning rush but the pathologist was empty.
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8. CRP 2

Hospital has sent me a few other tests associated with pre op radical prostatectomy: FBE (Full blood examination), UTE/creatanine (kidney function), ECG, msu (mid stream urine), crossmatch. Continue reading

7. CRP 1 + my frayed friend

Wandered to the pathologist up the road this morning where, at about 10:15am I was drained of the first of 6 blood samples to test for highly reactive C-Reactive Protein (CRP).
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6. Clogging not clearing the decks

Seems like I’ve been too busy to write much or to even think about what might lie ahead.
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5. Clear scan results and CRP

Appointment with urologist today. My scans appear to be clear of any further cancer i.e no metastasis. Continue reading

4. Blood on sheets…

Not to be read if you want to avoid the personal…making love resulted in a show of blood.

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3. CT and Bone scan

Caught the train into the Mercy hospital for 9:15am. On one side of the corridor there were radiologists analysing images of body parts. Continue reading

2. Blog and bills

Urine mainly clear with an initial dark bit. Received a bill from TissuePath pathology for $269.50 payable in 30 days. I think I’ll ask for a copy of the report.

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1. Blood in urine – background

The beginning. This evening I began to pee blood in earnest. I was driving back from Avoca and stopped off at Melton for a burger and a wee after a few (light) beers with Lyndal to finish the day.

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