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Foreword - by T.J.A. Pockley (2004 edition)

Before Dick Pockley died he gave me the copyright and his original manuscripts, along with all the material he had left over from compiling the family books on the Pockley, Antill, Waddy and the Wills families.

Just before she died, his widow, Lesley Pockley, also gave me what copies of the books that were left and another pile of papers she thought related to the books.

I have passed on the Waddy family material to Lloyd Waddy.

Many members of the family have found inaccuracies in the various books and of course, the family trees have changed since Dick wrote the books so, in a moment of madness I decided the best way to keep them up to date was to copy the books and create a web site for them with the hope that family members will let me know of any changes or corrections that should be made.

We are very lucky that Dick compiled these books and I think it would be a shame if we did not keep them up to date so, if know of any changes or additions that need to be made please email at or write to me at 29 Chester Street, Woollahra 2025

Tim Pockley - 2004